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Kaweco COLLECTION Fountain Pen Mellow Blue (limited edition)

Kaweco COLLECTION Fountain Pen Mellow Blue (limited edition)

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Bringing those carefree summer vibes, the Kaweco icon clad in a pastel blue hue of high-quality plastic, pairs nicely with the silver elements for a sense of liberation and limitless creative expression. Mellow Blue fountain pen provides the perfect atmosphere for capturing new ideas in peace and tranquility.

The 1911 Kaweco Sport is a pocket fountain pen, 10.5 cm when closed, 13 cm with its cap. Perfect for on-the-go. Kaweco Sports can be refilled with standard size ink cartridges, or with Kaweco mini converter for use with bottled ink.

*Products from the Kaweco Collection are available for a limited time. 

Pen Type: Fountain pen
Material: plastic
Colour: Special edition Mellow Blue
Length open: 13 cm
Length closed: 10.5 cm
Weight: 21 g


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