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MD Pencil Drawing Kit

MD Pencil Drawing Kit

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Enjoying drawing. MD pencil drawing kit.

It is a drawing kit that combines five types of pencils with a wide range of hardness, pencil caps and pencil sharpeners.

The hardness of the pencils included in the "MD pencil drawing kit" is 5 types of soft lead 6B, 4B, 2B, B and a relatively hard one, HB. 

The pencil cap is made of durable, lightweight nickel-plated brass.

The pencil sharpener is made entirely in Japan, from the body to the blade to the screw. The blade is sharpened to an accuracy of 0.01mm.

The comfort of smooth writing with MD pencils adds to the pleasure of writing on MD paper.

Simple and attractive design that highlights the beauty of MD Paper notebooks. They have a matte cream finish that combines very well with MD notebooks and leaves a natural wood-like feel.

NOTE: Due to the natural finish of the wood, there may be slight unevenness in the paint or etching.

  • Pack with 5 graphite pencils [HB, B, 2B, 4B, 6B: 1 each], 5 caps, 1 pencil sharpener.
  • Package size / 185 (height) × 95 (width) × 15 mm
  • Pencil body size / one: Ø 7 × 176mm
  • Cap material / Nickel plated brass
  • Cap size / one: Ø 9 × 55 mm
  • Sharpener Material / Body: Styroresin, Blade: SK-2 Steel
  • Sharpener size / 20 (height) × 29 (width) × 12 mm
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